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3663 premium own brand products

3663 has achieved Craft Guild of Chefs accreditation on a further 16 own brand products following recent testing. This group of products takes 3663’s total of Craft Guild endorsed products to 80, helping demonstrate great product quality.

The trend for British fare in the food industry has seen a noticeable rise in the last year and 3663 has capitalised on this in its own brand product development.

Among the 16 products on offer to customers and recently accredited by the Craft Guild are vegetarian dishes such as goat's cheese, sweet chestnut and redcurrant roulade with a red onion compote and for heartier meals its British steak and stout pie and chicken, leek and bacon pie. Among its accredited British desserts are zesty lemon cheesecake, Black Forest fudge cake, white chocolate and fig tart, Black Forest fudge cake and black cherry and marshmallow cheesecake.

All the dishes were rigorously tested in professional kitchens and were scored on quality, cooking instructions and ease of use.

3663 interim own brand and innovation controller Saskia Galema commented: “We’re thrilled that 16 new 3663 own brand products have achieved the Craft Guild of Chefs accreditation bringing the total number of endorsements to 80. This really speaks volumes about the high standard of our own brand to our customers, recognising how 3663 continues to deliver the fantastic quality and innovation that we know is important to them.

“We look forward to continuing to work with the Craft Guild, and will continue to develop partnerships with out customers to deliver innovative products over the next year.”

In 2012, 3663 claimed an industry first by receiving accreditation for ready-to-serve dishes as opposed to single ingredients, for which Craft Guild accreditation is usually given.

Bladen Lighter cheese range
MILK LINK foodservice

Milk Link Foodservice’s groundbreaking Bladen Lighter cheese range got the green light from the Guild. Head of foodservice Craig Dillon comments: “Our development team and graders have worked closely with foodservice chefs across all channels to create a great tasting cheese that performs perfectly in the kitchen, while exceeding nutritional requirements,” adding that caterers could not tell the difference between its full fat and low fat cheddars in blind taste tests. It was tasted raw, as well as oven cooked, grilled and quick browned in a number of dishes from classic cheese sauces to soufflés and a Welsh rarebit. “What’s fascinating is that none of the Craft Guild chefs who tested the product had used a reduced fat cheese before the trial – and all believed that it would be tasteless, rubbery and lack any depth of flavour,” says Dillon. He adds that the product exceeded their expectations, with many of the trial chefs claiming it showed no noticeable differences from its standard mature cheddar. Bladen Lighter is available in mild and mature 5kg blocks, 1kg grated cheddar and grated mozzarella mix.

BRITA Purity C water filter

BRITA’s Purity C water filter has secured the stamp of approval from the Craft Guild of Chefs.

The Craft Guild’s Product Endorsement Programme tested BRITA’s Purity C Water Filter with some of its top chefs – reviewing its look, smell and taste when used to prepare vegetables, soups and stocks.

Results showed there was a noticeable improvement of a range of ingredients when prepared with BRITA rather than tap water, enabling chefs to serve better tasting dishes.

This endorsement will reassure chefs across the country that its filter stands up to their demands in a professional kitchen to deliver quality and tasty dishes, time and time again.

Broadland Farms fresh turkey wins over Craft Guild of Chefs
Broadland Farms

The Broadland Farms Fresh Turkey range from the traditional home of British turkey farming in Norfolk has earned the ultimate seal of approval from the UK’s leading chef’s association.

Three high ranking members of the Craft Guild of Chefs were tasked with putting four products from the Bernard Matthews Foodservice range through their paces to determine whether they were good enough to display the association’s ‘Approved Product’ logo.

Exceeding the pass mark, the quality cuts, which chefs can ‘lean on’ to create low fat, turkey dishes on menus all year round, were Fresh Turkey Carvery Crown, Fresh Turkey Butterfly, Fresh Single Turkey Breast Lobe and Fresh Thick Cut Turkey Steaks.

Overall, all three chefs were impressed with the range of cuts available, which can be used throughout the year, and liked their versatility to be used in a multiple of dishes and recipe.

Specifically, they commented that the steaks were good for simple, quick turnaround lunches and escalopes, the butterfly cut was ideal for stuffing and slow braising, while the carvery crown and lobe would make ideal ingredients for roasts and sandwiches.

In terms of packaging, it was deemed very easy to follow, while one chef said the Broadland Farms story would appeal in his five star hotel restaurant, another agreeing it added value.

They also commented that frozen meat when defrosted didn’t always have the same structure and lost some of it moisture, while large joints took time to defrost correctly. They agreed that fresh meat retained flavour better, with less water content compared to frozen.

Having a product range approved by the Craft Guild of Chefs means chefs can immediately see it has been highly rated by their peer group, meaning they can buy and use the products with confidence. To pass, products must achieve a ‘C’. The Broadland Farms Fresh Turkey cuts under scrutiny exceeded this and were awarded an overall ‘B’ rating.

As an all year round ingredient, fresh British turkey breast is, typically, cheaper to buy than other meats, ultra versatile and low in fat and saturated fat.

Broadland Farms Fresh Turkey products with Craft Guild ‘Approved Product’ logo Fresh Turkey Carvery Crown (7.25 - 9.5kg) Fresh Turkey Butterfly (3.5 - 4kg) Fresh Single Turkey Breast Lobe (2 – 2.25kg) Fresh Thick Cut Turkey Steaks (6 x 6 x 200g + or - 25g) For more information on ordering the new products, call 0845 519 4097.
Chef Makes The Grade With Craft Guild Of Chefs Endorsement

The CHEF range of premium fonds and jus from Nestlé Professional  has secured top marks through the Craft Guild of Chefs’ esteemed Product Endorsement Programme. The range will now carry the respected logo which includes the ‘approved product’ stamp of approval on its packaging and promotional literature.

The Programme, enables food manufacturers to test existing products and those under development using leading chefs from across the hospitality industry - establishing whether products are ‘fit for purpose’.

The results of the questionnaire submitted to the Craft Guild of Chefs by Nestlé Professional show that the range excelled across all areas, including flavour, appearance, preparation and packaging. The range of products were found to be authentic in colour and flavour and the stocks were rated easy to prepare and suitable for use in a wide range of dishes.

Martin Lines, marketing director, Nestlé Professional comments, “The Craft Guild of Chefs Endorsement Programme carries real weight across the industry and we are thrilled to receive this accolade. We pride ourselves on delivering the finest stocks which make life simpler for chefs who are under increasing pressure in kitchens where time is of the essence.”

Known for their superior quality, versatility and ease of use, CHEF fonds and jus are ideal for chefs that don’t have the time or resources to create their own stocks and sauces from scratch.

Based on traditional recipes, the White Chicken, Basic Brown, Vegetable Stock or Jus de Veau Lié, all have a clean, natural taste. All products within the range are low in saturated fats and contain no added MSG or hydrogenated vegetable oils. They can be reduced and thickened without impairing flavour, acting as a blank canvass allowing chefs to unleash their creativity and create world-class dishes.

Further demonstrating its support for the hospitality industry, CHEF is sponsoring the Banqueting Chef category at the Craft Guild of Chefs Awards 2009. The awards, which are regarded as the chef’s ‘Oscars’, recognise and reward the leading talent working in kitchens right across the industry. CHEF looks forward to presenting the coveted accolade to the banqueting chef who judges believe has made an outstanding contribution to the industry at the ceremony held at the London Hilton on 1 June.

CookTek induction units
MCS Technical products

All of MCS Technical Product’s CookTek induction units have been approved by the Guild. These can be built in, free standing and drop in induction units. Managing director Steve Snow says that to gain a pass by the Guild you have to get at least a grade C. “We got an A and only one other product has ever achieved that, and that was a food product.”

Three chefs tested the equipment for ease of use, cleanability, mobility, power and controllability, and appearance, and thought the manual was very good. Temperature holding capabilities got high marks as well as the three years labour and warranty, adds Snow.

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