Elior launches mental health initiatives

Elior workers support Heads Together
12/03/2019 - 06:00
Contract caterer Elior UK has developed three new mental health initiatives, to help “boost and maintain employees’ confidence and resilience.”

The news comes as it is revealed that 40% of adults in the UK will experience a mental health problem during their lifetime, with 90% of sufferers claiming to experience stigma.

By launching this employee communications campaign, Elior said it hopes to open up and ‘normalise’ the topic of mental health, therefore removing any stigma.

Senior learning and development business partner, Wendy Elliott, said: “As a society, we can no longer tolerate the view that mental health is a weakness.

“As an employer, it’s our job to make sure that our employees feel they are listened to, supported and cared for, so they can cope with challenges both in and out of work.

“Our continued initiatives are making this a possibility. Our ‘oktosay’ campaign, for instance, has encouraged employees from all sides of the business to share their own stories and normalise the subject of mental health.”

The new mental health initiatives are as below:

‘Shine’ and ‘Resilience’ programmes

Bespoke sessions designed to equip employees with the resources to work through professional and personal challenges, boosting contentment, resilience and confidence in and out of the workplace.

Offered in a group session format, the programmes guide employees in a series of exercises to encourage open-minded, positive thinking.

‘Oktosay’ internal communications campaign

Launched for World Mental Health Day 2018, the ‘Oktosay’ internal communications campaign provides a platform for employees to share their own stories of mental health

Heads Together charity partnership

The charity’s national public awareness-raising campaign reduces the stigma surrounding mental health through a series of programmes, to make sure that people are able to access help when they need it most.

Elior’s partnership has not only encouraged a wider conversation on mental health within the business, but employees have raised nearly £40,000 for the charity to date.

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