Chefs share top tips to encourage ‘greater use of lamb and beef carcase’

09/01/2018 - 07:00
Six British chefs have teamed up with the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) to create a series of cooking videos to encourage greater use of the whole beef and lamb carcase in dishes.

The line-up includes Buckinghamshire-based hotel and country club, Stoke Park’s executive chef, Chris Wheeler, and group development chef at Brend hotels, Dez Turland, who have opened up their kitchens to showcase their “use of the whole beef and lamb carcase to provide increased depth of flavour, reduce waste and get maximum value for money.”

The six videos, exclusive to AHDB’s Quality Standard Mark (QSM) and Food Services team, aim to demonstrate how “the food service industry could benefit from continued innovation and increased productivity” with recipes such as Shepherds’ Pie (made from lamb bone stock), ‘tongue in cheek’ ox cheek and picanha steak as well as a lamb curry with neck fillet, shoulder and skirt cuts.

AHDB Quality Schemes’s senior manager, Karl Pendlebury, said: “Speaking to some of the country’s top chefs, it’s incredible just how much of the whole beef and lamb carcase goes into recipes to create flavour. 

“We’d like to share this knowledge to stimulate the wider food service industry and help others to get more use from the meat they buy. The videos can be viewed any time, to fit around work and we’re here to help talk through ideas, whether that be a question on butchery or cookery options.”

Adam Quinney, AHDB Beef and Lamb Board Chair, added: “British restaurants and food service professionals are incredibly important to beef and lamb farmers. They help to set the trend for consumers cooking at home and inspire people to try new dishes. 

“There are so many exciting and different ways that beef and lamb is being used and we want others to benefit from that knowledge.” 

The videos will be rolled out gradually over the coming weeks, with the first viewable below:

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