Chef proprietor James Close to represent UK at CARE’s Ethical Chef Days

James Close
11/01/2018 - 08:30
James Close, chef proprietor of the two Michelin-starred restaurant, The Raby Hunt (Darlington), is the only English to attend CARE’s Ethical Chef Days event next week (14-17 January) in the Dolomites, Italy.

Reflecting its ethos ‘to care and to take care,’ CARE’s shines light on ways in which the industry can “deal with ethics and sustainability issues,” with the event just of the regular conferences that the organisation holds to “discuss the future of sustainable gastronomy.”

Over the four days, Close will join other restaurant professionals from across the world as they host a series of masterclasses, round tables and presentations to demonstrate “how to cook for a sustainable lifestyle which incorporates eating healthily and a respecting nature.”

Chosen for his “rather discreet yet unique representation of contemporary British cuisine,” a CARE spokesman added: “We choose the chefs who have a voice on the global gastronomic scene to explore the topic of sustainability and ideas for the future generations.

“We wanted to challenge his (Close’s) thoughts on ethical cooking and explore his ideas on what the future holds for British cuisine in relation to sustainability.

Close commented: “It’s a great honour to be the only the UK chef invited to this prestigious event where I’ll be meeting up with some of the best chefs from across the globe.

“It’s rare to have this opportunity to share ideas and to see the work of your peers so I’m extremely excited about taking part.”

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