Caterers share top signs for getting fired

12/11/2018 - 09:09
New research today (12 October) revealed that 90% of catering professionals who have been fired ‘didn’t see it coming,’ with ‘concerns around performance’ and ‘making a big mistake’ among the top 10 warning signs.

This comes from online job site CV-Library, who surveyed 1,100 catering staff to see how many have been dismissed and the main reasons why.

Of them, 16.7% admitted to being fired from a previous role and a further 13.3% have had to fire someone in the past.

According to the survey, these are the top 10 signs that someone is about to be fired:

  • Receiving a formal disciplinary – 66.7%
  • Raised concerns around performance – 63.3%
  • Recently making a big mistake at work – 46.7%
  • Upsetting a manager and/or co-worker(s) – 33.3%
  • Workload being reduced – 33.3%
  • Shifts have been reduced – 26.7%
  • Hearing rumours from colleagues – 23.3%
  • Manager is training up colleagues – 23.3%
  • Senior staff having lots of meetings – 16.7%
  • Being avoided by managers – 6.7%

CV-Library founder and managing director, Lee Biggins, commented: “If you’re concerned about your job, speak with your manager or the HR department. They’ll be able to help you identify if there is a problem and advise you on how to resolve it.

“What’s more, if you feel you’ve been dismissed unfairly, remember that you have rights, so seek legal help where necessary.”

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