Cambridge Colleges send chefs to vegan workshops

17/05/2017 - 12:36
Thirteen colleges at Cambridge University have sent their chefs on a vegan workshop, organised by Human Society International (HSI) and the Sustainable Restaurants Association (SRA).

The chefs took part in the two sessions at Magdalene College in response to the growing demand for vegetarian and vegan options.

Kevin Keohane, catering manager at Christ’s College, said: “Guests choosing a vegan diet is without doubt the largest voluntary area of growth in the catering industry today whether it’s for lifestyle, health and wellbeing, animal welfare or environmental concerns.

“We are now serving more vegan guests and dishes than we were vegetarian guests 20 years ago and this is growing year on year.”

The workshops introduced chefs to new ingredients and taught them how to replicate creaminess without dairy and binding ingredients without egg.

Chefs that took part were from colleges including St John’s College, Trinity Hall, Emmanuel College, and Christ’s College.

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