Callebaut launches industry’s first 1% sugar chocolate

11/10/2018 - 12:12
Callebaut has launched Ecl1pse, the industry’s first 1% added sugar chocolate.

Aimed at providing the solution to the industry’s indulgence vs. the better for you dichotomy, the chocolate can allow chefs and chocolatiers to reduce sugar content in their products by up to 20%.

Ecl1pse is the first real Belgian milk chocolate recipe containing just 1% added sugar.

Robert Harrison, sales director at Callebaut, said: “With increased pressure on the industry to reduce consumer sugar consumption, there is an onus on manufacturers such as ourselves to develop products that offer solutions that don’t compromise on quality or flavour.

“Callebaut’s latest innovation literally means consumers can have their cake and eat it!

“Ecl1pse demonstrates that reduced sugar doesn’t mean reduced flavour. As such operators and retailers can create delicious chocolate products that will help the food and drink industry reach the government’s 20% reduced sugar target by 2020.”

It retains its smooth chocolaty consistency and renowned milk chocolate flavour due to its high milk content; it has up to twice the milk and cocoa content compared to regular milk chocolate and is darker, smoother, creamier and more intense than other milk chocolate.

Its usability means that chefs and chocolatiers can simply replace their usual milk chocolate with Ecl1pse in some of their most popular recipes, instantly reducing the sugar content without compromising on flavour.

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