Brits are bored with traditional Christmas foods, poll reveals

08/11/2018 - 06:00
While some Christmas food and drinks are non-negotiable on many a table, a new study has revealed that ‘traditional favourites’ such as chestnuts and eggnog are on their way out.

Proving the nation’s evolving tastes, over a quarter of the 1,500 Brits surveyed say they have never tried bread sauce (29%), Christmas cake (28%) and nearly a half (45%) eggnog.

What’s more, a further 47% claim to be ‘fed up’ with the traditional turkey dinner – which is bad luck as the average Brit is expected to demolish 4.3 of them over the festive period.

While alternatives like a rib of beef and ham are not uncommon, 18% say they will instead opt for salmon, 19% for a curry, and 11% for tapas this Christmas Day. A further 19% said they will decide what to have closer to the day.   

According to drinks brand Diageo, which undertook the survey, here is the full list of Christmas food and drinks that are ‘falling out of favour':

  • Eggnog - 45% have never tried it (a 'punch' of milk, cream, sugar and eggs)
  • Roast chestnuts - 35%
  • Devils on horseback - 32% (bacon wrapped around oysters or fruit)
  • Sherry - 30%
  • Bread sauce - 29%
  • Christmas cake - 28%
  • Gingerbread - 26%
  • Port - 24%
  • Mulled wine - 24%
  • Yule log - 22%

And the same survey lists these ‘new popular’ foods and drinks:

  • Rib of beef –28% will be choosing beef over turkey this year
  • Stollen - 23%
  • Panettone - 22%
  • Curry - 19%
  • Whisky Sour - 18%
  • Salmon - 18%
  • Souffle - 18%
  • Espresso Martini - 15% will prefer over a glass of sherry
  • Tapas - 11%
  • Seabass - 9%

A Diageo spokesperson said: “This research shows how modern Brits’ tastes are changing and evolving.

“People are looking for more variety, interesting flavour combinations, new ways to consume food and drink and exciting twists on old classics for Christmas 2018.”

Other findings are that 73% said they wanted to try a wider variety of food and drinks this festive period and an average of three out of seven people around the table will be looking for a vegetarian option.

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