Bocuse d’Or announces 20 European candidates and compulsory ingredients

13/04/2018 - 11:38
Worldwide gastronomy contest, Bocuse d’Or, has announced the 20 chefs going through to the European continental selection taking place in Turin this June.

Going head-to-head for their place in the 2019 final in Lyon (France), are:

  • Tom Phillips, UK
  • David Szkudlarek, Poland
  • Lode De Roover, Belgium
  • Bjarni Siguróli Jakobsson, Iceland
  • Adam Pohner, Hungary
  • Marvin Böhm. Germany
  • Lars Drost. Netherland
  • Juan Maniel Salgado, Spain
  • Matthieu Otto, France
  • Mario Garcia, Switzerland
  • Andrey Matuha, Russia
  • Sebastian Gibrand, Sweden
  • Zlatko Novak, Croatia
  • Ismo Sipeläinen, Finland
  • Christian André Pettersen, Norway
  • Kenneth Toft-Hansen, Denmark
  • Martino Ruggieri, Italy
  • Nikola Nikolov, Bulgaria
  • Pavel Gurjanov, Estonia
  • Mutlu Şevket Yilmaz, Turkey

With only 10 places available, each chef – widely regarded as the “best” in Europe - will have to demonstrate their skills and creativity throughout the two tests, using compulsory “yet unexpected” products - cheese Castelmagno PDO and eggs.

With the help of their commis, each chef has five and a half hours to complete the following challenges:

  • Create a tray using Piedmontese products: male beef fillet Piemontese breed National Meat Quality System; Baraggia Biellese and Vercellese Rice, S. Andrea PDO Variety.
  • Theme on a plate – create and produce a 15-cover recipe using the two compulsory ingredients - cheese and eggs – as well as other ingredients of their choice from the on-site ‘market’

Candidates will be compelled to select at least one slow food product this year, as the Bocuse d’Or continues to promote “new gastronomy trends and expectations.”

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