Charvet Premier Ranges

Ian Clow, Sales Director
01342 717936 or 07793 603673

Heavyweight Performer

Charvet only makes ‘built to last’ heavy-duty cooking equipment.

The ‘extra value’ which we deliver makes Charvet a ‘MUST HAVE’ option for the equipment shortlist.

Recent innovations are designed especially for smaller kitchen footprints.

The Charvet ONE entry-level ‘no frills’ series, recently launched, has proved outstandingly successful because it offers true heavy duty quality but quick payback for fast service restaurants who only need 5-7 years working life from their kit. Users also report big energy savings – see website for more.

Our Pro800 and Pro900 series have also been updated and can feature built-in drawer refrigeration and chrome plancha as well as the flexible Charvet four-zone steel plancha, which doubles as both a direct cooking surface and traditional four-zone hotplate.

Charvet’s ‘workhorse’ heavy duty Pro800 series also now comes as standard with a 3mm stainless steel easy-clean top.

Manufactured with the latest production techniques and state of the art stainless steel welding and cutting equipment, you can expect a good 10-15-year lifespan – even on Charvet modular ranges. Some of the bespoke ranges, such as those at The Dorchester, are 25 years old.

Charvet also has a dedicated technical services team operating throughout the UK, ensuring our installations and all-important commissioning goes smoothly and that the Charvet cooking suites are operating at peak performance.

The expertise of the Charvet UK team is second to none. We help chefs, catering colleges, hotels and restaurateurs achieve the best-value and most ergonomic kitchen facilities.

With ranges to fit any size kitchen scheme, Charvet offers a great value investment, as well as performance and reliability. Visit or give us a call to find out more.

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