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Apprentice Chef Award
To be nominated in this category you need to be employed on a work based apprenticeship scheme which does not finish prior to March 2018.  The scheme needs to be an apprenticeship with day release or block release attached to a college or a work based assessments programme where evidence of assessments will be required.  There is no age restriction for nominees.

Armed Services Chef

This award is to recognise a serving Chef of the Armed Forces, either Regular Forces or Reserve, who has demonstrated outstanding individual levels of craft skill as well as both or either of the following:

  • A demonstrable commitment to passing on craft skills to others
  • A commitment to continuing his or her own professional culinary education and development

The nomination must be accompanied by a citation that details the performance that makes the nominee worthy of recognition. The citation should be supplemented by supporting testimonials and evidence. It is of paramount importance that military acronyms are not used in the citation as all nominations will be judged by a panel nominated by the Craft Guild of Chefs. The proposer must hold Senior Non-Commissioned Officer (SNCO) rank or above in the Catering Services discipline and not be junior in rank to the nominee.

Banqueting & Event Chef Award
Nominations for this award are sought for chefs who are responsible for a banqueting operation. This can be in a permanent location or event catering environment where the team move around or cook in specialised venues. Candidates should demonstrate the highest standards of delivery, be highly organised and an excellent team leader with a commitment to producing innovative food to the highest standards.

Chef Lecturer Award
Nominations for this award should be submitted for chefs whose primary job is in the teaching and development of chefs at all levels from any sector of the industry. Examples of this are, Chef Lecturers working in colleges, Corporate Training Chefs or Chefs within a brigade who have ultimate responsibility for the training of colleagues. Successful candidates should have shown a commitment to helping others over and above their daily responsibilities. Please note: this award is not intended for chef managers that run an outlet within a training establishment.

Competition Chef Award
Nominations are invited for chefs who are recognised as having a proven track record within the competition arena. Nominations should contain a description of competitions entered and awards achieved.

Innovation Award

Today’s market is all about the customer experience. Restaurateurs and entrepreneurs are meeting this demand in a dramatic manner, setting new trends and bringing food, fashion and style to the fore.

This award seeks out those trendsetters and nominations are required for all food businesses, whether in a fixed restaurant environment or championing the street food or pop-up restaurant phenomenon.

Successful candidates should demonstrate:

• Strong evidence of style, design and innovation with a unique concept
• Original ideas which are making a real difference within the marketplace
• A clear business philosophy and strategy which is sustainable
• A commitment to good provenance, sourcing and the local environment
• Evidence of recognition and awards as appropriate
• Menus which reflect the unique character of the food offer
• Supporting materials as appropriate

The shortlisted candidates should expect to be interviewed on camera prior to the awards evening when guests on the evening will vote for this year’s winner.

Contract Catering Chef Award
Nominations are invited for chefs working for contract catering companies involved in the provision of catering services to customers within the workplace. Consideration will be given to nominees who demonstrate the highest standards of professionalism for food quality, innovation, training and development, and importantly cost control/budget achievement.

Development Chef Award
This category recognises the ever-growing importance of this sector within the chef’s profession. Nominations are required for chefs who are currently involved in any stage of the creation and development of food products for the retail and foodservice industry or for their creativity within the menu development kitchen of groups serving the out of home market. Nominees can come from large multinationals or specialist product development outlets.

Ethnic Chef Award
Nominations are requested for chefs who are primarily responsible for the production of dishes and concepts whose origins come from beyond the British Isles. A strong track record with good peer and customer feedback for chefs specializing in these styles of cuisine will be looked for.

New Restaurant of the Year Award
Open to establishments that have commenced trading since January 2016. It must be shown that the establishment has made a great impact on the restaurant scene in general, its locality in particular. It must prove it offers high standard of service and cuisine with innovative ideas. Nominations are augmented by the committee of the Craft Guild of Chefs visiting the establishments.

Pastry Chef Award
Nominations are invited for chefs who have specialised in the production of pastry work, whether self-taught or having worked in other pastry kitchens during their career. They should now be demonstrating their own style, flair and innovation in the types of dishes they produce, as well as actively developing and training future pastry chefs working alongside them.

People’s Choice Award
This is your opportunity to nominate a chef that in your opinion is an unsung hero and deserving of recognition. Nominations may be for chefs from any part of the hospitality and catering industry and either for a specific achievement or for commitment over many years.

The Candidate should:

  • Have a proven track record
  • Be a highly professional craftsperson
  • Demonstrate true passion for food
  • Show clear examples of excellence and achievement in his or her field

Nominations should include a brief resume of the candidate’s experience and current position and a brief outline on why the candidate deserves recognition with specific examples.

The process: A panel of distinguished judges will shortlist to three finalists who will be available online to vote for the winner.

Pub Chef Award
Nominations are invited for chefs who work in a public house. This can be in a free house, tenanted or leased property, or a managed house of a brewer or pub group. The candidate should illustrate the use local produce where possible, give examples of how the pub serves/involves the local community, cook with flair and creativity, and meet the demands of customers by reaching a standard for the proposer feels is exceptional.

Public Sector Chef Award
Nominations are sought from the high volume catering arena including hospitals, prisons, education, military, public and social services and in-house staff restaurants. Considerations will be given to the provision of nutritionally balanced and innovative menus produced to the highest standard within the constraints the cost sector demands. Please provide statistics to support the achievement of yearly budgets.

Restaurant Chef Award
For chefs who are recognised for their outstanding contribution to quality and innovation within this sector, whether it be a standalone restaurant, part of a group, or based within a hotel. All styles can be nominated from Michelin Starred to Brasserie style. Customer endorsements, accolades and a successful years’ trading need to be shown.

Young Chef Award
Nominees should be under the age of 23 years on 30th May 2017 and have already shown a passion for the industry. Excelling in their technical skills, developing a wide knowledge base, flair and commitment for their chosen path, this nominee can be anywhere on our partie system from Apprentice to Head Chef and from any sector of the industry.

Special Award
This award, chosen by the committee of the Craft Guild of Chefs is given to that person who above all others has made an enormous contribution to this industry. Nominations are not required for this category.

To ensure that the judging takes account of all the attributes of each nomination and in turn delivers an objective result please ensure that all nominations include the following information where available and applicable:-

1. How has the nominee made a contribution to their business over and above their job

2. Please describe the qualities that make the nominee special and stand out from others – what’s their USP

3. Please supply statistical and quantitative information appropriate to the category which clearly describes the dimensions of the nominee’s position and achievements. Dependant on the category this will include:

  • Reporting lines, no of reports 
  • No of covers/transactions/sales/profit figures – budget achievement
  • Staff retention percentages and successes within their brigade?

4. Please describe how your nominee has contributed to both the industry and the local community or the community at large.

As an example this may include :-  Mentoring; Judging; Charitable activity; Community activity; championing a cause(provenance/local/sustainable/educational etc…..

Closing date for entries:

31st JANUARY 2017


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