New European conference spotlights cell and plant-based protein

20/02/2019 - 09:32
Food awareness organisation, ProVeg International, is launching a European conference on cell and plant-based meats next month (21-22 March) following the continual rise of veganism.

Held in Berlin, the two-day event will discuss the latest developments and research in plant-based and cell-based protein technology, strategies for industry growth and provide insight into consumer acceptance.

The ‘New Food Conference’ comes in response to the continued rapid growth of veganism, with ProVeg International claiming that over 600,000 took part in part Veganuary this year and a third of UK consumers are ‘deliberately’ reducing or eliminating meat from their diets.

Further research revealed that 42% would be willing to try lab-grown meat or fish if prepared in a restaurant.

Jimmy Pierson, ProVeg International spokesperson, said: “The New Food Conference shines a light on technologies that are set to radically shake up and change not only the protein market but the whole food industry.

“These technologies have a genuine chance of solving the urgent challenges of the global food system in terms of environmental destruction, climate change, antibiotic resistance, and public health. They would appear to be the future of meat, so let’s investigate them more closely.”

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