London vegetarian guide launches

03/08/2018 - 07:00
With 72% of ‘meat-reducers’ – people who actively reduce their meat intake –having avoided or would avoid restaurants for a lack of vegetarian dishes, vegetable enthusiast More Than Carrots has this week launched a ‘veggie guide’ for meat-eaters in London.

It comes as a new study published yesterday (2 August) found that:

  • 28% of Brits identify themselves as a ‘meat-reducer’ compared to 32% of Londoners
  • 51% of UK meat-reducers adopted their new diet in the last 6 months
  • 26% avoid meat due to the impact on the carbon footprint, while 15% want to help reduce de-forestation

The research also found that they spend an average of 13 minutes researching dishes before deciding on a restaurant, with 73% having avoided or would avoid restaurants for its lack of meat-free meals.

A further 22% agree that restaurants do not make it easier for diners to eat less meat.

Supporting their viewpoint, More Than Carrots claims that five of National Restaurant Awards’ top 10 restaurants (June) “have no vegetarian main dishes on their a la carte menu.”

Founder Annette Burgard said: “Climate change is at a tipping point and a lot of people are beginning to realise the enormous impact that reducing meat in their diet can have on the environment.

“Eating less meat is the one action every one of us can take every day and that is 100% in our control.

“However, we have found that people struggle - especially at restaurants.

“To help them, we are providing the first guide that enables diners to directly compare restaurants.

“We have compiled this list by using an algorithm to analyse and score restaurant menus reliably and at scale. Our criteria are based on research from third-party studies and our own qualitative analysis of meat reducers’ behaviour.

“We are starting in London today but our ambition is to roll out our solution UK-wide.”

The top 10 ‘veggie-friendly’ restaurants in London are as below:

  1. 10 Greek Street
  2. 100 Wardour Street
  3. 108 Garage
  4. 22 North Street
  5. 25th Ward
  6. 26 Grains
  7. 28-50
  8. 33 Abbeville Road
  9. 34 Mayfair
  10. 40 Maltby Street

Professor of Philosophy at University Hertfordshire, Constantine Sandis, commented: “Dining out can make it difficult for people to avoid eating meat, especially when they are in a group of meat eaters at a restaurant with poor alternatives.

“However, when a decent variety of vegetarian and vegan options is available, this normalises opting out of meat and makes it easier for people to do so.

“Restaurants have a big role to play in helping us to reduce our meat consumption. They can do so simply by providing menus which enable diners to avoid meat without having to make a statement of some kind."

The full guide features 558 restaurants, and can be viewed here:

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