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Speciality Breads, Ciabatta, Brioche
Speciality Breads’ Ciabatta and Brioche Range
Speciality Breads

Artisan bakers Speciality Breads are celebrating after its Brioche and Ciabatta ranges gained the much-sought after “Approved Product” endorsement from the Craft Guild of Chefs.
The Red Tractor certified company, which supplies it’s freshly-frozen premium range to leading pubs, restaurants, hotels, caterers and cafes, submitted its ciabatta products plus its four-strong brioche range (Roll, Slider, Hot dog and Loaf) to be scrutinized by the Guild’s expert panel.
With all the breads rising to the challenge and meeting the Guild’s strict criteria for quality, Speciality Breads can now proudly display the Craft Guild of Chefs’  “Approved Product” logo on packaging, therefore benefiting from the weight, the quality assurance mark carries.
Speciality Breads’ Managing Director Peter Millen said:
“It’s a fantastic achievement and a great honour to gain this endorsement from a prestigious and quality-driven association like the Craft Guild of Chefs.  We have always been confident our products can stand up to anything out there when it comes to quality but it’s great to gain recognition from experts and the accreditation will provide real value as we look to drive further growth.  The credit has to go to our incredibly skilled bakers and of course our unbelievable Red Tractor approved British flour.”

For further information or to stock Speciality Breads range, contact 01843 209442 or visit www.specialitybreads.co.uk

Speciality Breads Glazed Sesame Seed-topped Brioche Roll
Speciality Breads

Speciality Breads, the Red Tractor-certified artisan bakers, has kicked off its 2016 NPD programme with the launch of a new Glazed Sesame Seed-topped Brioche Roll.

The rolls offer a premium point of difference and are being targeted at the café, pub, restaurant, garden centre, hotel and wider foodservice sectors. The 90g rolls come sliced and in boxes of 48, approx cost for 90g unit 65p.

Peter Millen, managing director of Speciality Breads, said: “Demand for our brioche rolls was incredible in 2015 so we have been working hard to ensure that our offering continues to develop when it comes to variety and quality. 

“With innovation in foodservice kitchens moving at an incredible rate, it’s important that we continue to offer new ideas and unique, high quality products to keep up and if possible, ahead of trends.”

Adande Refrigeration

Adande is a market leader in the design, development and manufacture of sustainable refrigeration products and technologies that offer real energy savings and lower operational costs.  

When Adande developed patented ‘Hold the Cold’ technology, it was hailed as the first significant innovation in refrigeration for over 70+ years!  Just as you can’t compare a Combi with a Standard Oven, neither can you equate traditional refrigeration with Adande drawers.

Offering flexibility at the touch of a button from +15°C to -22°C,  an Adande is both fridge and freezer (with an option for blast-chilling too!) and pre-empted the trend for smaller, smarter, multi-functional spaces & energy saving kitchen designs that we see today. Respected test facilities such as Griffiths Laboratories testify that Adande technology has clear performance advantages and dramatic food quality preservation (download the Griffiths Report or Westminster Kingsway College & Fish Kitchen’s comparison report with fish products to find out more).

Adande are the specialists in refrigerated drawers (winning major UK and international awards), and as the market demands more, it has, unfortunately, spawned an influx of inferior products with ‘old’ technology, less performance and long-term value. To clarify the salient points, Adande have produced a useful downloadable ‘What Makes Adande Different?’ guide which gives an overview of the multiple benefits when compared to conventional refrigeration.

Always nurturing chef progression into the industry, Adande are proud to continue sponsoring Craft Guild membership, and support at both UK Skills Show (NEC) and Young & National Chef of the Year, (Olympia), where the competing Chefs used Adande drawers in the competition cooking booths.

“Our product has just received the Craft Guild Accreditation ‘Shine a Little Brighter’ and now carries the Guild’s logo with the ‘Approved Product’ stamp, so chefs can be assured that it has been tested by their peers. In fact, Chefs can always contact our Sales Team and ask for a trial.  It’s often the best way for a chef to experience the product first hand, receive some good advice with training pertinent to their unique set-up, and realise the multiple benefits for themselves before committing to purchase.”, says Karl Hodgson.

Nisbets Chef Works jacket

Working in a hot kitchen environment can be tough, so when it comes to choosing the right kit, chefs shouldn’t just focus on their cooking equipment. Deciding on the appropriate uniform is just as important.

No company understands the demands of the kitchen more than leading catering equipment supplier, Nisbets, who in addition to offering a full range of products, exclusively supply Chef Works’ culinary uniforms in the UK and Ireland.  Following extensive testing, the Chef Works Cool Vent jacket has been awarded ‘Approved Product’ status by the Craft Guild of Chefs.

Andrew Green, director of operations of The Craft Guild of Chefs, said: "Jackets are iconic to a chef’s appearance, and are arguably the most essential garment in their working wardrobe.  With this in mind, a jacket which exudes the qualities of their profession; one which offers comfort, style and exact fit; and which aids temperature control, is vital to today’s chefs. 

"The Chef Works Cool Vent Chefs Jackets more than satisfy the requirements expected by Craft Guild of Chefs members, and so it is with great pleasure that I’m able to announce that they have exceeded the pass mark for our coveted ‘Approved Product’ status. This allows chefs to choose products which have been recognised as being excellent within the industry and which have been tested by their peers, giving them confidence in their purchase.”

The Craft Guild of Chefs members commented on how the Jackets were “considerably lighter than the jackets they currently wear”, whilst adding they were “also very comfortable”.  Described as “first class” and “a perfect fit”, chefs commented how they were impressed that “they allowed them to move freely and without restriction”.  Chefs liked the Jackets’ great quality and appearance, which they deemed “very appealing”; made with a material that “felt good and strong”.

The heat of a bustling kitchen is a key consideration when choosing which jacket to wear and the Craft Guild Chefs were particularly impressed with the Chef Works Cool Vent Chefs Jackets’ ventilation.  The large back vent, designed to draw moisture away from the skin just like sportswear, provides “noticeably more airflow”, giving excellent ventilation.

Of course once a jacket has been worn, it needs cleaning.  Testers all commented on how well the Chef Works Cool Vent Chefs Jackets washed and were impressed that they retained size, shape and colour. “Often jackets can feel tighter once washed, but this wasn’t the case with Chef Works Cool Vent Chefs Jacket”.

Featuring buttons instead of poppers, chefs commented on how these make the Chef Works Cool Vent Chefs Jackets look “more classic in style”, giving the Jackets a premium feel.

Chefs concluded that the Chef Works Cool Vent Chefs Jacket is an impressive, lightweight garment, of good quality; which they would happily wear instead of their current jacket and which they would recommend to colleagues.

Chefs tested the Chef Works ‘Montreal’ Cool Vent Unisex Jacket, which is available in either white or black (A914/B054).

For more information and/or to view the huge range of kitchen equipment available from Nisbets, please visit www.nisbets.co.uk.  Alternatively, please call 0845 140 5555 or head to your nearest store.

Pan’Artisan’s dough ball range ‘highly accredited’ by Craft Guild of Chefs

Pan’Artisan’s range of dough balls have been ‘highly accredited’ under the Craft Guild of Chefs Product Endorsement Scheme, achieving a grade ’A’ rating and use of the ‘Approved Product’ logo.

The Company put forward a selection of its dough balls for the product endorsement programme  – all of which received excellent feedback from the three industry chefs who unanimously agreed that the dough balls were easy to use, of superior quality and that they would be happy to continue using them.

Popular inclusions in the dough ball range are; pizza dough balls which come in a variety of sizes and are made using an original Neapolitan recipe, allowing greater elasticity of the dough, for an exceptional, final flavour, along with their Sourdough dough ball, a speciality that is much in demand at present, yet can be time consuming and require skill to produce.  Pan’Artisan’s sourdough dough ball offers busy caterers a tangy, distinctive flavour and a popular menu choice.

Stuart Jackson, Director of Sales said, “We are absolutely delighted with this result and to have received this endorsement.  We think that our range of dough balls provide a consistent, premium quality product for busy operators, eliminating the need for specialist skills or equipment and this has now been verified.  To receive comments such as, ‘I would struggle to notice the difference in the final product up against freshly made’ and ‘Sourdough and pizza are far better than any other product used’ is high praise indeed and makes us very proud.”

For more information on the Pan’Artisan range of products call 01730 811490 or visit www.panartisan.com.


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